A Wakeup Call to the State of Washington

An interesting aspect of publishing a blog is using Google Analytics to get to know where your readers are from. According to Google, readers of this blog are from all 50 states. The State of Washington is # 15 in number of readers; ten times as many come from CA and TX and 15 times as many from NY.

Okay, so there aren’t that many of you from Washington. Too bad. I wish I could stop you from making a big mistake by voting in favor of a Costco initiative that will change the way you buy liquor and wine.

According to Wine and Spirits Daily, “It looks like Costco’s Initiative 1183 is gaining traction in Washington after all, according to the most recent Elway Research poll. Fifty-three percent of the 407 voters surveyed say they support the measure, compared to 46% in September and 50% in August.”

If you scroll down to the October 4th posting you’ll see why I think voting for I-1183 is wrong. Here are some other reasons.

Costco has spent $22 million to support this initiative. According to the Seattle Times that’s a record for the state. Last time, they spent $4.8 million and saw the initiative fail so they’ve upped the ante. Come on people, when a box store shells out $22 million, it isn’t based on civic or community concern.

The Governor of Washington is opposed to the initiative. Wonder what she knows that the 53% in the poll don’t know.

Here’s what will happen if the initiative passes. Prices will not go down and may even rise – if Costco buys products for less, do you expect them to pass on the savings? Remember, they have a $22 million investment in 1183. Your liquor and wine choices will be reduced and subject to the vagaries of the Costco buyers. Small businesses will be hurt because of the 10,000 square foot minimum for stores selling liquor. Above all, the small craft and artisanal producers will have a tougher time making a go of it.

So go ahead Washington, don’t listen to me… Costco knows best about what’s good for your state.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

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  1. As a past liquor agent for the State of Washington for 14 years, I am voting NO in this initiative, 1183. I do not believe 1183 will increase revenue beneficial to the state, and the increased availability of alcholic beverages will increase consumption, and increase the risk to our youth. I feel the Liquor Control Board is doing a great job at controling liquor sales with effective restraints. I encourage a NO vote on Initiative 1183.

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