The Facebook pageThe spirits and wine industry is fascinating. I’ve been in and around it for much of my work life. Even though my general consulting work takes me to other industries, the booze business is like none other.

It’s an industry that, despite its size and growth, is small. It’s a business of people, relationships and stories. Lots of stories.

It’s about marketing and sales; about brand building; about image and product excellence.

Lots of people and publications cover the booze business but they do it in a news reporting way. I think there is a need for an editorial voice, an informative, outspoken and sometimes fun point of view of the business. Hence this blog.

From the reactions so far, I think I’m on the right track.

I hope you agree.


  1. Am searching for the ‘old’ Godiva Liqueur which has been my ‘secret ingredient’ in desserts for years. Much to my surprise and devastation, it is impossible to find.
    The internet is of little help. Any suggestion?

  2. The wonderful folks at DIAGEO still make it it.Go online and Google it and you’ll find it. I’d love to see your dessert recipe.

  3. Tales of the Cocktail just wrapped up. I’d love to hear your opinions on the state of mixology as it pertains to our industry as a whole.

    A friend of mine excitedly posted a video of Gaz Regan “finger-stirring” two Manhattans and proudly proclaimed finger-stirred drinks were a “thing” (my friend, not Gaz). Seriously. Have we jumped the shark with mixology or does the bubble maybe need to burst a little bit so we can put craft cocktails in their rightful esteemed (but not surreal) place?

  4. I’ve been a Boodles drinker for years and am very disappointed in the new labeling. I LOVE the old style and wish I’d kept one before I realized they were going to new. Do you know where I may purchace the older label bottle – either full or emply?

  5. Very nice blog. I picked it up off Linked In. I’m a retired package design professional, Revlon, Chesebrough-Ponds, and most recently 20 years as Package Design Manager for Brown-Forman
    Beverages in Louisville, Ky having moved here from Wilton, Ct. I’m dabbling in free lance design to keep involved with friends in the booze business, more for the fun of it than the money. My strength beside great design is knowing all kinds of production technology to get out of the box designs done which is very helpful to start up entrepreneurs who usually have limited budgets but want and need something that stands out but is professional. I will continue to follow your blog.

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