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Looks like the last posting on “What’s in a name – Bartender vs. Mixologist?” got some folks annoyed. Most of the people I heard from were anti-mixologist terminology in sentiment.

(By the way, see the word ‘comment’ at the top of the post, beneath the headline? That’s so you can put something up directly without sending an email. Anyway, happy to hear from you.)

Here is a sample of the comments:

Ray Foley, publisher of Bartender Magazine, wanted me to know that in a recent survey he took of his readers, more than two-thirds described themselves as a bartender. As Ray put it, it depends on the questions and the sample of those who participate. But I love this line he used in the email, “I never heard anyone at a bar say ‘Hey Mixologist’ can I have a drink?”

Kyle Branche, a professional/private bartender from LA who has a blog at, feels that “there are…individuals saying they’re a so-called or self-titled ‘Mixologist’ just so they can take advantage of a wave…as a cocktail personality…without any actual experience behind a live bar.”

And, this one from a good friend who knows very little about the alcohol industry and, other than an occasional libation, could care less – “I’ve never heard or saw the term mixologist before… And I actually think that it is one of the dumber things I’ve ever heard.”

Any mixologists out there who care to step in?

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  1. prior to the mixology trend, which was originally based on principals of cocktail history. At some point, someone decided that “making up” drinks was the basis for mixology. Well, if this is the basis for mixology, then it is definitely a noob thing. Any veteran bartender will tell you and I promise they’ve seen it a million times before, anyone that makes up drinks is a noob. I can get into great detail why this is noobish, but why. They are the primary comical relief of the industry, and to their own admission so was the basis of their coined term they choose to go by.

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