Beyond Shameful

A winery on Long Island, Lieb Family Cellars, has introduced a 9/11 Wine. The wine sells for $19.11 and “benefits the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum.” Apparently the foundation has approved it and a paltry amount of the sales (10%) will go to the foundation if you buy direct from the winery.

Outrageous. But I can’t decide who the moronic villain is… who gets the award for stupidity combined with greed? The winery and the fool who came up with the idea? The person on the foundation who said yes? The restaurant or retailer who stocks it? The person who buys it?

If you are shameless enough to do this why not at least give all the net proceeds to the foundation?

The answer is, no matter what lipstick they try to put on this pig of an idea, it’s still a pig.

This piece from just says it all:

On Sunday, Anthony Bourdain summed up his response on Twitter, noting, “What kind of piece of shit would create such a product?” And speaking to the New York Daily News, Ben Glascoe, whose firefighter son died on 9/11, called the effort “distasteful.”

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