Booze and 007

Bond. James Bond. Since 1956, he has been drinking his famous vodka martinis, shaken not stirred, of course.
But in the upcoming film, Skyfall, Bond, has dropped his favorite libation for a Heineken. The brewer has signed a reported $28 million deal that goes beyond placement. The result is the ad below.

According to the Daily Mail,“Bond has been forced to tout himself to the highest bidders as the film-makers MGM have tackled financial difficulties. It is four years since Quantum of Solace was released and the shooting of Skyfall was delayed two years ago because of funding problems. Daniel Craig appears alongside Berenice Marlohe in the advertisement and he said the film would not have been completed if the beer tie-in had not been agreed.”
So, it seems that for the money, Heineken gets placement, sponsorship and an ad with the stars (plus the original Dr. No) making a cameo.
Is the package worth $28 million? You decide. Just remember that Heineken is used to having its pockets picked – check out how Thai Beverage forced them to up their bid for Tiger Beer and made a billion or two while doing it.
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  1. From an avid reader and friend:

    The idiots really are in charge of the farm at Heineken!!!
    Way too much for the product placement!!!

    Wow did they ever get their pocket picked on Tiger Beer.
    Probably not going to happen, but someone should get fired for letting such a valuable asset get that far away from their control, when they had such an interest in the international market.

    At a time of continued consolidation and rapid expansion by the big 3 Diageo, Miller and Bud, it would seem Heineken would have been in the drivers seat with Tiger beer, much more cheaply than it finally cost them. Especially with all the assest F&N had on the books in real estate, beverage and cash flow!!

    ?? Did you ever find out how they screwed up on this one besides stupidity!

    Can it get any worse at Heineken? I await the next disaster with bated breath!!!!
    Oh that’s right it has already started with the bottle change!!! Let’s see where the bottle design goes.

    On the bottle it should have been changed to one type one style and size years ago for equipment, machinery, glass, and label purchases. Just another one they are way behind on.

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