Booze and Bullets?

Guns and wine

Buffalo Trace Newsletter reprinted a story from Decanter with the following headline:

“National Rifle Association starts wine club.” Huh?

Apparently the association has linked up with a wine club and is offering home delivery of wines for members and nonmembers.

The website offers these inducements: “Now you can support the 2nd Amendment with every wine you buy.”  It also offers new members a “nine-piece custom NRA engraved wine box” when they join. A portion of the profits will apparently go into the coffers of the NRA as it battles gun control legislation.

One of my readers had the following questions about this link between the NRA and the wine club.

“Will the NRA recommend a cabernet to go with Moose?”

“Is it white or red while you clean your shot gun?”

“Is the wine box good for target practice?”

Actually, according to the Huffington Post, the National Rifle Association has hosted a wine club since 2007, but word of it only recently came out as a result all the current press. The story goes on to say that, an Australian winery is pulling its wines from the club in protest against the NRA’s views. Others have not objected.

What’s your take?


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1 comment

  1. Arthur,

    Great idea. It will be good for gun manufacturers to spread the word in a new direction, like:
    -Sig Sauer Liebfraumilch
    -Ruger Tinto
    -Colt Sauvignon
    -Beretta Amarone
    -Smith&Wesson Wine Lesson

    Sorry, the bait was too tempting!

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