Booze, Turkey and Football

Campari America, owners of Wild Turkey Bourbon, has come up with an interesting and fun promotion for Thanksgiving.

It’s a PR event that only that brand can own.

It seems that they have a turkey they claim is the “world’s first football picking turkey” that can predict the outcome of football games, starting of course, with the three this Thanksgiving. (Anyone following my football picking efforts this season knows that I’m the holder of that title.)

The turkey’s name is Jimmy Junior and he has been training with former All-pro quarterback Vinny Testaverde to make picks at what they call The Wild Turkey Triple Barrel Challenge.

In addition to the cleverness and ownership of the idea, they are leveraging social media, particularly Facebook, to include consumers in the challenge. They might have gotten more mileage with a point of sale tie-in but maybe that’s next year.

Check out this fun video.
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