Budweiser vs. Murphy’s – The Irish Beer Ad Battle

Ad Age magazine gave the “creativity pick of the day” award (Aug. 30) to Murphy’s Beer for an ad that goes one up on Budweiser.
It seems that Bud released a summer app that lowers the price of beer, as the weather gets hotter. Huh? Obviously Budweiser doesn’t know very much about Irish weather. On our trip there in July, it was cool and raining most of the time. For me at least, that was a wonderful part of being in Ireland.
Murphy’s, on the other hand, knows that summer means lots of rain and, since they are Irish, came up with their own weather-related app. They give you a free pint of stout when it rains.

The two video spots are below. It’s the difference between knowing your market and not. Check them out.
The Budweiser ad:

The Murphy’s ad:

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  1. Same reason BUD did not do well after they bought a winery.
    In San Francisco of all places after making a huge splash with a plane load of AB exes in the wine country.
    Auggie 2 walked into the best REST in San Fran and had them remove all the wine glasses from the table / told the water that his party would drink BUD!

    So much for Bud being in the wine business.

    Same way Henieken got their pocket picked in Hong Kong.
    Same way Bud was bought out instead of ruling the international market.
    Same way Seagrams should have been on top but got hosed by a water company instead.
    Same way Schiltz changed their resipe and lost their brewery.

    Stupidity comes with the high seat on the throne when it is held to long.

    I do not know who is worse the head guys on the throne or the idiots in marketing and advertising / of couse it is much easier to fire a guy in marketing advertising when a monumental screw up like below happens. But who the hell aproved it in the first place.


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