Best Beer Super Bowl Ad You Will Not See

Finally, a great Super Bowl ad that makes fun of all irritating marketing and advertising surrounding that mega event.

But, you won’t see it when you watch the Super Bowl.

Adweek has the following headline on its website Newcastle Brown Ale’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser Is the Best You’ll See This Year.

Newcastle Brown Ale with the help of its ad agency, Droga5, has produced a faux teaser for an ad it would have run if they had the money.

It’s a very funny spoof that will run next week. The campaign is called “If We Made It.”

( or watch here).

Also, check out this one.

(or watch here)

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“Bartender, I’d like a hummer.”

What’s in a name?

A clever, memorable call name for a drink is what makes that drink popular. Where would Seagram’s Seven be without a 7 and 7 or, Peach Schnapps without the Fuzzy Navel?

Here’s one for the books.

drink9f-1-webFour middle-aged women are out for their every other week ladies night out. They are feeling a bit adventurous this particular evening and are chatting about what to have when the server walks up to their table.

Let’s listen in:

Server: Hi ladies. Can I offer you something to drink?

Lady #1: A glass of chardonnay would be nice.

Lady # 2: (To the group) You know what, girls? I’m going to have a chocolate martini. I’m in that kind of mood.

Lady #1: Great idea… please change my drink to that.

Lady #3: Do you have any of that Rum Chata?

Server: No, I’m afraid not.

Lady #3: Then I’ll just have sex-on-the-beach.

(They all laugh. The server smiles and says) Perfect choice for a cold winter night in Detroit. And you, ma’am?

Lady #4: I want a hummer.

All: A what?

Lady #4: What’s the matter? My friend Louise says her husband begs her for a hummer and I thought I would try one.

Lady #3: Isn’t a hummer a car? How do you go from that to a drink?

Server: (He has become very uncomfortable.) Uh, um, uh, ma’am do you know what a hummer is?

Lady #4: What do you mean? It’s a drink…right?

Server: I suppose… I’ll check with the bartender, but a hummer is also a car… and something that…uh, well something that men really enjoy.

Lady #4: Fiddle sticks. I’d like a hummer.

(The server leaves, goes to the bartender and says) You won’t believe this Sally… I need one sex on the beach, two chocolate martinis and, um, well, don’t get angry, a hummer. Lady at that table says she really needs a hummer.

Bartender: Take your mind out of the gutter! A hummer is a drink born in Detroit that includes rum, Kahlua, ice cream, some ice and all blended together.

Server: Oh.

For those of you who have missed the nuisances of the story, go here.

The Hummer
The Hummer

The Hummer 

1-1/2 ounces rum (usually Bacardi)

1-1/2 ounces Kahlúa

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

A couple ice cubes

Blend and serve in a 7-1/2-ounce rocks glass.


As for other meanings of the term “hummer” check with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

(Based on a true event.)  

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Why Bother Advertising Alcohol? Adweek has the answer.


Lauren Reeves, who is a comedian and comments on advertising in AdWeek, recently asked this question.

Along the way, she provides a very funny analysis of four different vodka ads. The ads include Grey Goose, Wodka Vodka, Russian Standard and Smirnoff.

Of the four, Wodka has received the most hits on YouTube and is very clever. It’s what often is referred to as good advertising, poor brand sell.

Check out the ads and see what you think. (Come on… you’re working way too hard, you need a diversion.)

Let’s start with Lauren Reeves at Adweek.

Now take a full look at the ads by Grey Goose, Wodka Vodka, Russian Standard and Smirnoff.

Which is your favorite?

I have to tell you – I think any of these are better than the beer ads I’ve seen lately.

(Special shout out thanks to Mike Molnar, Managing Partner at Glow for bringing the videos to my attention.)

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