“Dude… there’s weed in my wine”

Buffalo Trace Newsletter reprinted a story from the Daily Beast headlined, “Marijuana-Laced Wine Grows More Fashionable in California Wine Country.”

Apparently, it’s quite common for winemakers to produce cannabis cuvées with bold reds such as Cabernet and Syrah.  The recipe is a pound of marijuana dropped into a cask of wine, which yields about 1.5 grams of weed per bottle. The article quotes the president of the Napa Valley Marijuana Growers who says the combination of alcohol and marijuana produces “an interesting little buzz.” “People love wine,” he goes on the say, “and they love weed.”

I think there are a number of good reasons for marijuana infused wine to be more readily available.

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Spirits Ads on TV

I write a monthly column for Spiritz magazine in India, which is the most widely read alcohol-related magazine in the country. My column is called Booze Abroad and the March issue contained a story on how the broadcast advertising (voluntary) ban for spirits was ended in the US.

While TV advertising for spirits has become widespread, it came about through the leadership of Seagram, but not without some ups and downs along the way.

The article is available on this blog with the permission of Bishan Kumar the publisher of Spiritz. To read it, simply click on the words, “Spirits Ads on TV” at the top of the column on the right.

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Takeout Food Seagram-style

Like many companies in the food, beverage and hospitality industry, Seagram cocktail receptions and meals were somewhere between elaborate and over the top. A long list of third world countries could feed their people from the leftovers of a cocktail reception.

A good friend and former colleague had a wonderful way of putting it, “At Seagram, you didn’t become a millionaire but you sure lived like one.” Or, at least, ate like one.

Two stories come to mind.

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