Please stop wining…

Buffalo Trace newsletter reported the results of a study by the Wine Marketing Council on the state of the wine industry in the US. The findings indicate that the consumer base is expanding with consumption at 291 million cases in 2011, which is up from 278 million in 2010.

Nevertheless, a spokesman for the Wine Council was quoted as saying, “Wine remains an enigma, a mystery, and we have to solve the mystery if we want to expand the consumer base.”

I think I have the answer. Borrow a page from the vodka folks and use strange flavors (cake, whipped cream, marshmallow, bacon, etc.) to expand the market.

Or, better yet, I came across a blog posting that would fit the de-mystifying of wine and broaden its appeal. Wine fermented from strange ingredients.

Robert Lehrman is a DC lawyer whose firm concentrates on the federal regulation and approvals of alcohol beverages (beer, wine and spirits). Robert is a really good guy (despite his chosen profession). He also publishes a blog about alcohol products and labels approved by the TTB. Here is the link.

It turns out that Robert is keeping track of approvals of wines made from assorted foodstuffs other than grapes. As of this week he has listed 42 such approvals and predicts the list will keep growing to perhaps 70.

The list obviously includes the gamut of fruits such as apple, peach, banana, figs, pears, pineapple, various berries and melons. Vegetables abound on the list as well, including tomato, onion, pepper and avocado. There are also flower wines (Jasmine, Hibiscus, Linden, Elder, etc.) and a load of exotic stuff including Mangosteen and Lychee.

But my favorite is Garlic wine. Don’t laugh; it happens to be good for cooking and for keeping vampires away from your cellar. Not so good on a first date.

I can hardly wait for the reviews and ratings.



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