Southern Comfort Turnaround


An advertising campaign that actually works?

Wine and Spirits Daily reported recently that the Southern Comfort ad campaign seems to have paid off.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you won’t be surprised to learn that. (See Aug 4, 2012 and Dec 19, 2012.)

The brand’s net sales had been in decline for years but turned around in 2012. While 3% growth isn’t necessarily a big deal, for a brand that was hemorrhaging, it’s a road to recovery.

Judging from the emails and comments I received, I’m not surprised at all that the brand turned around.

It’s all about the advertising and the “harmony” between creativity and brand promotion. The campaign, Whatever’s Comfortable hit a responsive cord among consumers. According to Brown Forman, the campaign appealed to both younger and older audience. Here’s the commercial with the beach walking, speedo-clad, SoCo drinking man.

They followed it up with an ad they call patio.

In addition, they have just launched a website that turns the star of the ads into a weatherman and puts him in interesting settings to report on the location you type in. It’s fun and moves the campaign in an interesting direction. You’ll find it here.

Clever stuff.

Who says advertising can’t be both entertaining and promotional?


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