Spirits Ads on TV

I write a monthly column for Spiritz magazine in India, which is the most widely read alcohol-related magazine in the country. My column is called Booze Abroad and the March issue contained a story on how the broadcast advertising (voluntary) ban for spirits was ended in the US.

While TV advertising for spirits has become widespread, it came about through the leadership of Seagram, but not without some ups and downs along the way.

The article is available on this blog with the permission of Bishan Kumar the publisher of Spiritz. To read it, simply click on the words, “Spirits Ads on TV” at the top of the column on the right.

If you are getting this posting via email, please go to the actual site here and follow the instructions as above.

I hope you enjoy it.

Post Script: Not mentioned by name in the article geared toward Indian readers and for those of you who remember the events, there were two key players in this story. Phil Boeck (now with Republic NDC and then with Block Distributing) was the wholesaler who helped us get the initial ad on TV. T. Frank Smith Jr., station owner of KRIS-TV Channel 6 (NBC Affiliate) in Corpus Christie, Texas was the brave man who unhesitatingly took our ad. 

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  1. Hey Arthur,

    This story sure takes me back. I remember the Crown Royal TV ad well. And what I remember most was being bummed that we over at Absolut didn’t get to be the brand that “broke the ban.” Terrific, thorough story.

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