Whiskey Madness

Bizarre Whiskey products for that special drinker in your life.

Caskers is an online craft spirits purveyor whose mission is to promote and sell some very interesting and unique artisanal brands, especially whiskies.

Online craft spirits purveyor
Online craft spirits purveyor

In an elaborate April Fool’s joke, they introduced Whiskey Life, The Ultimate Guide for the Whiskey Lifestyle.  

The collection (#WhiskeyLife) contains some fun items that every whiskey drinker needs, such as: a drone to deliver your favorite libation no matter where you are; an app that let’s you know whether to pursue a relationship with the person you just met at a bar; a chiller that gets rid of the need for ice, using your smart phone instead.

My favorites are the whiskey flavored toothpaste and mouthwash. It’s billed as: “Enjoy all the benefits of traditional mouthwash with the added flavor of whiskey. No spitting required!”

Toothpaste & Mouthwash


How the idea came about

Based on the years spent watching R&D folks do their magic, I envision this scenario:

DENNIS: (Panting) I got it, I got it… you won’t believe it.

MARION: What do you have? I hope it’s for Project X.

DENNIS: Project X? What I have is far better than that! I’ve been working on it on my own for five years and I had a break through!

MARION: Listen to me. I need those products for a new line of personal care items and I need them soon. Why are you working on anything else?

DENNIS: It’s a great idea and could be a part of Project X.

MARION: (Sighs) Okay, what is it… and it better be good. 

DENNIS: Project X is based on new and unique products. Right? How about this… are you ready?… (Pause) It’s a whiskey flavored toothpaste!

MARION: Are you insane? Why would anyone want to buy that?

DENNIS: (Ignoring her) I can also do it in tequila, gin, vodka… although vodka is kind of tough. People will love it.

MARION: Listen to me Dennis… who the hell would want a liquor flavored toothpaste?

DENNIS: Huh? Are you kidding? Think about the times you’ve been out drinking with friends and when you came home and your spouse or partner said, “were you out drinking tonight?” You say, no, “we went to dinner and I brushed my teeth afterward.”

MARION: Have you lost your mind?

DENNIS: What? You don’t see it?

MARION: I see someone very close to getting canned.

DENNIS: But, boss, I even have the slogan… “Hide your night in plain sight!”

MARION: Get out! Get back to work!

DENNIS:I wonder if Mr. Colgate had a boss without vision…


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