Best Beer Super Bowl Ad You Will Not See

Finally, a great Super Bowl ad that makes fun of all irritating marketing and advertising surrounding that mega event.

But, you won’t see it when you watch the Super Bowl.

Adweek has the following headline on its website Newcastle Brown Ale’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser Is the Best You’ll See This Year.

Newcastle Brown Ale with the help of its ad agency, Droga5, has produced a faux teaser for an ad it would have run if they had the money.

It’s a very funny spoof that will run next week. The campaign is called “If We Made It.”

( or watch here).

Also, check out this one.

(or watch here)

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Super Bowl Ads: Worth The Cost?

SB ads

Ad Age, Adweek and other business publications are pulsating with articles about Super Bowl ads. From the cost, to the worth, to the waste, everyone has an opinion. So, why not me?

Companies with deep pockets will ante up an average of $4 million for a 30 second spot. For some, the super bowl buys will be their entire advertising budget for the year.

In our own beloved booze business, we will see ads for Budweiser and Bud Light and I hope they’ll do better than in the past. (See Feb 8, 2011 posting) In addition, there will be ads for new products such as Budweiser Black Crown and Beck’s Sapphire. There may be as many as 3 30-second ads and 3 60-second ads. You do the math.

Aside from great seats at the game and Cheshire cat smiles from the ad agencies, are theses expenditures worth it?

According to a report from Kantar Media, far more viewers “remain riveted” to the tube, even during ads, than generally. (Really? I must be the exception.) Further, last years’ audience reach was reported to have been a record 111 million viewers.

Clearly, as a mass reach vehicle, there is nothing better than the Super Bowl. But is that all there is to advertising and brand building?

I came across a terrific article on the opinion page of Ad Age by Jonathan Salem Baskin, President of Baskin Associates. I don’t know him but his views on the Super Bowl are very similar to my own. But, he says it better.

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