The Aftermath – Help Needed

Two weeks after the super storm, parts of New York and New Jersey remain damaged or devastated.

Here is the story of three booze businesses and how they are faring.

1. Jack From Brooklyn and Sorel is struggling and needs some help.

They suffered catastrophic damage as five feet of seawater swarmed through the distillery, wiping out supplies and equipment and causing long-term damage. But, they are committed to rebuilding and need support.

If you’d like to donate please go to

You can also help them by buying some product. Astor Wine and DrinkUpNY are two of the online retailers who sell Sorel.

2. Red Hook Winery suffered devastating losses as the Red Hook waterfront where they are located became part of the Ocean on Oct 29th.

You can help them by buying some of their wines. They are selling “survival kits” from their inventory. Go to their website for more information.

3. Fedway, the leading New Jersey distributor, was especially hard hit but coming back.

This is from their Facebook page on Nov 3:

“The first floor of our office building and main floor of our warehouses were wiped out. Our computers and telecommunications equipment were all compromised…”

But, as testimony to the tenacity and can-do attitude of Neil Barnett, Richard Leventhal and their people, this was on their page on Nov 10:

“Contrary to the images portrayed by the press in recent days, there will be no meaningful shortages of New Jersey’s most popular wine and liquor products. Fedway has made remarkable progress and is near completion of the clean up phase of the main warehouse and has moved on to satellite warehouses…”

These are just three of the many stories of the disruption of lives and businesses as a result of this killer storm. As a community, we need to stick together and help each other rebuild.

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