Wacky World of Vodka

Over half a billion 9-litre cases of vodka are sold around the world. It should not come as a surprise therefore, that some strange things occur with brands, people and the category itself.

As a public service to my blog readers, I have found just a few of the more interesting, and yes, wacky recent occurrences.

The Vodka for the Rich

Stoli is introducing a $3,000 a bottle of vodka from the Himalayan Edition of Stolichnaya’s Pristine Water Series. Only 300 bottles will be sold globally. Apparently what makes it so expensive is the type of water used, sourced from the Himalayan mountains, from an underground reservoir that has been pooling fresh melted snow. The water is then combined with 100% winter wheat harvested from Russia’s Tambov region. As an added bonus, it comes in a hand-blown glass bottle with a gold-plated decorative ice pick – perfect for your spouse to stick in your brain when he/she sees the credit card bill.

Not to be outdone, there is a company I believe is based in Hong Kong, selling (or about to launch) Royal Dragon vodka from Russia. There are three editions, but the Emperor Vodka will be made from rye and only 888 bottles will be sold.

From their website:

This masterly hand blown Dragon caged within a pristine glass bottle is crowned with an exquisite high-end piece of jewelry. The exclusive Dragon pendant of 18-carat gold is set with perfectly shaped certified diamonds.

“Honey, I bought you some jewelry for your birthday.”

Bad Taste Department aka “What are they thinking?”

A vodka company is planning to sponsor a party promoting a book, which discusses the experiences of two tennis stars that survived the sinking of the Titanic. The brand? Iceberg Vodka. On their website they say, “In 1912 the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic found that out all too tragically, we do not take our Icebergs lightly.” This weekend (April 15, 2012), marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

In Kazakhstan, a vodka branded with the Arabic word Allah has caused uproar in the predominantly Muslim country. The Imams in the country are outraged and rightfully so. A representative of the company that produces the vodka denied intentional blasphemy, insisting the labels and caps are manufactured in Russia. Sure, blame the Russians.

Finally in this category, we come to Van Gogh’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Vodka. Enough said.

New Uses for Vodka

You may have seen something like it before, but a website called Business Insider had a posting called Awesome Ways To Use Cheap Vodka Around The House. My favorites: getting rid of mold; air freshener when mixed with water and sprayed; preventing flowers from wilting (and making them happier); polish and shine (as a replacement for window cleaners). The best: treat dandruff by mixing one cup vodka with two teaspoons crushed rosemary, then strain the mixture through a coffee cup filter and let it sit for two days before applying it to your head and letting the solution dry.

The key is to use inexpensive vodka, unless you can afford a $3,000 bottle of Stoli.

By the way, does the Stoli come with someone to serve the vodka?


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