Wine Selection Made Easy?

I came across a flow chart that I just had to share.

It comes from Wine Folly (link) and has helpful ideas about how to choose a wine.

As you go through the chart, you wander through a series of intended uses, situations, occasions and personal preferences. Such as:

Is it for personal use? If so, drinking in public? Drinking alone? Dinner? Is the dinner from a microwave? Did you like to eat dirt as a child? Are you into cults? Do you like to spray butter in your mouth? (You need a buttery chardonnay) Are you eloping? (Have a Riesling or Chenin Blanc… no idea why.)

Is it for someone else? Do you know them well? Is it an event or occasion? If it’s a bachelor (ette) party, bring whiskey or vodka. If it’s an art opening the suggestion is to bring 2-buck chuck (“they rarely have a sense of taste”). Beach BBQ? (Forget it, no glass on the beach.)

Check it out it’s fun.

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