Booze Cupcakes – Yummy!

Prohibition Bakery on the lower eastside of New York City (9 Clinton St) just opened a few weeks ago and is my kind of bakery. They are, according to their website, NYC’s original alcohol cupcake company.

They have a variety of mini cupcakes made with liquor, beer or wine that are just delicious. You taste the alcohol but it is balanced with the rest of the ingredients. Eat enough and you can expect to get a buzz. You may have to show proof of legal drinking age. (For some reason they didn’t ask for mine.)

The store is an entrepreneurial effort by two very smart women, Leslie Feinberg and Brook Siem, with baking, culinary, bartending experience, and with an instinctive understanding of branding and marketing.

Are you ready?

The assortment of cupcakes includes: a classic prohibition era cocktail called Bee’s Knees (gin, lemon, orange and bee pollen), White Russian, Sangria, Margarita, Pretzels and Beer, Mojito and a bunch of others.

While the shop gets people stopping by, their business centers on corporations, events, weddings, and parties.

They have only been open two weeks but are already getting a lot of print and TV press and running interesting promotions on Facebook.


The batch we took home.
Didn’t last very long.
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