Bartender, a shot of Botox please

Just when you think you’ve heard of everything, every gimmick, and every ploy to sell a drink – along comes a new one.

There is a bar and club in NYC where the bartender and a “beauty vendor” have teamed up to create cocktails whose mixer ingredients are supposed to smooth skin, plump it up or otherwise enhance the appearance.

Among the cocktails is a Watermelon Kiss which mixes tequila with watermelon, “to even out skin tone,” according to a newspaper article on the club. Another drink uses kumquats and special vitamins and minerals to reduce oiliness.

You get the picture.

Call me old school but alcohol with or without a mixer can be a social lubricant, a calming influence, a road to mood change and, of course, relaxing. If I’ve had a drink or two, you probably can convince me that some products enhance the romantic moment. But, a cocktail for skin improvement? No way.

I think this is how it works – you have 3 or 4 cocktails, go to the restroom and look in the mirror. You’ll love what you see.

In any event, hats off to the owners for a novel way to sell booze. Shows that the PT Barnum adage is still alive and well.

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