The Fountain of Booze

Buffalo Trace Newsletter reprinted an article from Agence France-Press (AFP) with this headline – Georgia Toasts Tourists With Alcoholic Fountain. I knocked over my coffee in the rush to book a flight to Atlanta, and then realized the Georgia in question was the country not the state.

Georgia is a sovereign state (ex-Soviet Union) in the Caucus mountain region on the border between Europe and Asia. It seems that they have been pushing hard to attract tourists to the city of Batumi, an up and coming party town on the Black Sea coast. Past attraction efforts have included wedding cake buildings, Dubai-style glass towers and an upcoming aerial tramway. The new venture is a fountain that dispenses local booze.

The Mayor of Batumi (who I picture sounding like Borat) had this to say about it, “Once a week, for 10 to 15 minutes, Chacha will flow from this fountain instead of water. Tourists will have an opportunity to taste the traditional drink.”

In case you didn’t know (I sure did not) Chacha is a clear strong liquor made from grape using the pomace — grape residue after making wine — or what I like to think of as seeds and stems. In other words it’s like Grappa.

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