Bartender Apps: A Review

It’s the season for entertaining and parties and many people like to keep the serving of libations as easy as possible, limited to beer, wine or liquor with a few easy mixers.

But, there are many who like to find an interesting new concoction or serve a classic and fun cocktail that takes some effort. Mixing drinks has become the liquid side of the foodie culture.

One approach is to do what the professionals do and browse recipes from the Gary Regan books, or go to and download some.

Then I came across an article in Gizmodo about The Best Drinking Apps and off I went looking for iPhone and Android apps. What I learned right off the bat was that in the iTunes store alone there are hundreds. So, the next stop was to scour the Internet and see what was being reviewed and recommended.

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What do BlackBerrys and Booze Have in Common?

Too many choices.

Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerrys, is having some problems. Their stock is down, the new line of products has been delayed for a year and there are rumors of corporate sharks looking to take a bite out of them.

In the view of most observers, the problem stems from too many choices. Since 2007, they have introduced 37 models including BlackBerrys that flip, slide, with touch screens, touch screens and keyboards, high and low end products. The product line is too complicated. In a recent NY Times article, a market research firm estimated that their market share slipped from almost half in 2009 to roughly 10 percent in the US.

Compare that to Apple’s iPhone. There have only been four since 2008 and all were the same but differed only in storage or capabilities from earlier models. Apple made it simple and less is more.

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