Bartender Forecasts

New York magazine’s Fall Preview issue has predictions about what some NYC bartenders/mixologists think are the most promising drink trends for the fall.

It’s been some time since “behind the bar experts” have taken me to task for a blog posting (and I kind of miss being yelled at), so, here are their predictions.

Let me know what you think (he said with trepidation).

The first prediction mentioned is that mezcal will “break through.” Frankly, I’ve been predicting that myself for a number of years. While I’m not an aficionado of tequila or mezcal, the latter has a small batch product quality not to mention allure and mystique – and the worm BS is not what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, for Mezcal to break through it will take some clout and marketing support that most producers don’t have. Nevertheless, I continue to think it will grow.

My take: I agree with the forecast.

The second prediction is that cognac will become a cocktail ingredient. The magazine argues that the ceremonial “from the bottle” drinking patterns of rappers and hedge fund types will give way to its use in mixed drinks.

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