QR Codes

Ever see one of these before? Ever use one?

According to data I found online, in an August 2011 poll, almost 60% say they are NOT familiar with QR codes. QR stands for quick response.

Here is how it works…you’re walking down the street and you see a bus shelter or other outdoor medium. Off in the corner is one of these doohickeys. Or, maybe you’ve seen them on a print ad or business card or, even, an envelope.

In any event, if you have a camera and QR Reader on your smart phone (the reader is a free app) you click on the reader and hold it over the QR Code until – presto – it takes you to wherever the person who created it, wants you to go. That’s usually a website but I’ve seen it used to provide contact information on business cards for ease of access.

For the booze business I like it mainly for wine. If I try a new wine and want to remember it, I either need to photograph the label, write down the name (do you always have a pen with you?) or try to remember (which depends on how much wine was consumed). The QR Code is quick, easy and provides the opportunity to learn more about the wine via a website link.

QR Codes are used for advertising, special offers and discounts and a host of other stuff that a marketer wants to communicate in detail. While their use doesn’t change the world of marketing or advertising, they are convenient adjuncts providing more information easily. But naturally, some ad folks get carried away and think that the convenience is the message.

Oh, and let’s not forget t-shirts.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, hold your phone up to the code at the top. Guess who?

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