Drinking in America: Who, What and How Much is Spent?

Wine, beer and cocktails; millennials, baby boomers, gen x and y – who is drinking what type of alcohol in the United States?

I bet you know the answers but maybe there’s a surprise or two in this posting.

Let’s set the stage with an article from The Economist called “Thirsty Work” which answers the question of how long it takes to afford a beer around the world.  The information covers the number of minutes of work required to purchase 500ml (16.9 oz.) of beer all over the globe.

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Screw Your Wine

Screw cap or cork?

According to some surveys I’ve seen on line, while corks remain the preferred closure among consumers, the acceptance of screw caps has been growing steadily. One recent study in the UK indicates that twice as many people accept screw caps today as compared to 10 years ago.

Ah, but buying a bottle with a screw cap is another matter.

More and more wineries around the world are turning to screw caps, including some very high priced wines. Nevertheless, it seems as though a bias continues against the device known as a Stelvin Closure. Perception is reality and the notion that wines with a screw cap are inferior is still pervasive. At best, many seem to think they belong only on young, inexpensive wines.

It seems to me to be a conflict between the rational/functional versus emotion/sentiment.

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