Why Bother Advertising Alcohol? Adweek has the answer.


Lauren Reeves, who is a comedian and comments on advertising in AdWeek, recently asked this question.

Along the way, she provides a very funny analysis of four different vodka ads. The ads include Grey Goose, Wodka Vodka, Russian Standard and Smirnoff.

Of the four, Wodka has received the most hits on YouTube and is very clever. It’s what often is referred to as good advertising, poor brand sell.

Check out the ads and see what you think. (Come on… you’re working way too hard, you need a diversion.)

Let’s start with Lauren Reeves at Adweek.

Now take a full look at the ads by Grey Goose, Wodka Vodka, Russian Standard and Smirnoff.

Which is your favorite?

I have to tell you – I think any of these are better than the beer ads I’ve seen lately.

(Special shout out thanks to Mike Molnar, Managing Partner at Glow for bringing the videos to my attention.)

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When Stupidity Overtakes Creativity

Wódka vodka, the inexpensive import trying to become the next Svedka, stepped on it’s you-know-what again with an outdoor message it obviously (but mistakenly) thought was cute and clever.

Back in December they ran a billboard in New York City with this sophomoric content – “Christmas Quality, Chanukah Pricing.” That ran into a firestorm of criticism and they had to literally pull the ads down.

You’d think they would have learned and moved forward in a number of new ways to get their message across. Get a new creative team, hire a new agency, and/or get internal marketing and advertising folks who know what they are doing. There are dozens of ways to get the quality-low price message across in a fun, even shocking way without being offensive.

Listen Wódka, you may think that putting a lampshade on your head is funny but trust me, after the 5th grade it loses some of its appeal.

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