Wine vs. Beer

The Gallup folks conduct an annual survey on drinking alcohol and have measured the top choices (wine, beer, liquor) since 1992.

Bottom-line: Nearly as many US drinkers name wine (35%) as beer (36%) as their most often choice in alcohol. Liquor is third at 23% and close to its highest level.

The choice of beer as America’s favorite drink has declined over the past two decades and it was accelerated this year with a five-point drop in mentions of beer, down from 41% to 36%. Among young adults, the preference for beer fell from 51% in 2010 to 39% this year.

I no sooner finished reading the Gallup poll when I noticed another ominous sign on the horizon for beer.

A number of media sources have reported a growth in wine on tap. In some of the restaurants and bars dispensing red, white and rosé, the taps have a sign saying “Warning: Wine Not Beer.” Uh – oh…is there a trend in the making?

Looks like Augie Busch got out just in time.

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